Webster Electronic Voting Receives Positive Feedback

WEBSTER — The public’s response from the town’s first-time use of electronic voting during the recent special and annual town meetings was extremely positive, according to Town Clerk Robert Craver.

In past years, the meetings have been a venue for spirited and lengthy debate, including last year’s filibuster on the town budget.

“When was the last time Webster had an annual and special town meeting end before 9?” Mr. Craver remarked of the May 8 meetings. “And it wasn’t rushed. It was efficient.”

In noting that he hadn’t “had this much of a positive response to an action taken by the town (electronic voting) in a long time,” Mr. Craver attributed it to the freedom electronic voting yields.

“It gave everyone the opportunity to vote their conscious without worrying about being stared at,” he said. “People have said, ’You know what, I’m going to start participating. It’s been very positive.”

Voter turnout of about 120 was “a little higher than average” during the two meetings, Mr. Craver said.


By Brian Lee

Telegram & Gazette Staff

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