Webster Town Moderator

Thomas Ralph was elected as the Town Moderator for Webster MA, in May 2013.  After being elected as the Moderator, Thomas Ralph has introduced the use of the Boys Scouts of America as counters, High School students as Student Deputy Moderators and convened a Town Meeting Review Committee to increase awareness and attendance at Town Meeting.

In order to avoid any conflict of interest between his duties as the Moderator and his duties as a Police Officer with the Webster Police Department, Thomas Ralph continues to recuse himself from all votes that are associated with the Town of Webster Police Department. 

In February of 2016, Thomas announced that he would be seeking re-election as Town Moderator. He was unopposed in his election bid and was overwhelmingly re-elected to the position for another three years. During his second term, he has seen the implementation of electronic voting for the town meeting, which has proven to be a great success.

Additional information about the Moderator, Webster Town Warrants, Town Meeting and the Webster Police Department can be located at the Webster, MA Town website: www.webster-ma.gov