Webster Police

Thomas Ralph has spent his entire professional career in law enforcement. Starting as an Auxiliary Police Officer with the town of Dedham and working his way through college and law school. He was appointed to the Webster Police Department in 1995, where he has served for the past 21 years. 

Following his appointment to the Webster Police Force, Thomas was subsequently assigned to the Detective Bureau and a statewide task force. In 1999 Thomas was promoted to the rank of Sergeant where he worked both patrol and investigations. He was later made the Administrative Sergeant, where he handled a wide variety of tasks within the department and worked closely with the Chief of Police. 

In 2001 Thomas was appointed as the first Deputy Chief of Police for the Town of Webster.  The position was created in 2001, however, due to budgetary reasons, the town vacated the position in 2004. At this time, Thomas returned to his Civil Service position of Sergeant. Thomas continues to serve the Town of Webster as the Senior Sergeant. He is responsible primarily as the Evening/Night Shift Supervisor, as well as, the Traffic Unit Supervisor,  the CJIS Representative and the Department Grant Manager. Additional information can be located at the Webster Police Department Website:  Webster Police.