Tom Ralph has dedicated his entire professional career to law enforcement, starting as an Auxiliary Police Officer in Dedham, Massachusetts. He worked diligently while pursuing his college and law school education, and in 1995, he was appointed to the Webster Police Department, where he served faithfully for 27 years.

Upon joining the Webster Police Force, Tom was assigned to the Detective Bureau and later became part of a statewide task force. In recognition of his capabilities, he was promoted to the rank of Sergeant in 1999, carrying out duties in both patrol and investigations. Subsequently, he assumed the role of Administrative Sergeant, taking on a diverse range of responsibilities within the department and collaborating closely with the Chief of Police.

In 2001, Thomas made history by becoming the first Deputy Chief of Police for the Town of Webster. Although the position was established in 2001, municipal budgetary constraints caused the new position to be short-lived.  The position of Deputy Chief was dissolved in 2004 to enhance the department's team of Sergeants. Consequently, Tom returned to his Civil Service position as the Senior Administrative Sergeant.  He finished out his career with the Town of Webster, retiring in 2022 with 27 years of loyal service to his community.